Building terms

General information

No. of immovables: 13
No. of floors: main buildings up to 2 floors
Permitted No. of buildings on immovable: 1 main building + 1 auxiliary building
Area occupied by building: 230–285 m², depending on the area of the immovable

Maja 152
Maja 106
Maja 126


Conditions to comply with in designing and constructing private residences in the Kuukressi residential district
The positions 1–13 in the planned area are intended for constructing small private residences.

Building rights:
Permitted No. of buildings on immovable: 1 main building + 1 auxiliary building.
No. of floors: main buildings up to 2 floors.
The maximal allowed height of the residential building is up to 9 m, the maximal allowed height of the auxiliary building is 5 m. For buildings at positions 1–7, the first floor may make up 60% of the height of the ground floor.
Roof angle: pos. 1–7 25–35°, pos. 8–13 flat or mono-pitched roof, maximal angle 15°.
Positioning of building: open.
Direction of roof ridge: in parallel or in perpendicular with the front border of the immovable
No basement floors allowed.

Placement of buildings on immovable: The buildings must be constructed in the area permitted according to the detailed plan; the buildings must be at least 5 m away from the street-side border of the immovable.

Small buildings (incl. those which footprint take up less than 20 m2) may be constructed only in the built-up area.

Fences: Height up to 1.5 m, the fences facing the street should be either picket fences or made of wire mesh panels (green mesh panels are not allowed) and harmonise with the residential building designed on the immovable; the fences between immovables should be made of wire mesh combined with landscaping (hedges, scandent plants).

Requirements to building’s exterior design:
Roofing material: roofing tile, tin roofing or bitumen. Chip, shingle and thatched rooves are not allowed.
Selection of exterior finishing materials: plastic and sheet metal are not recommended, log houses are not allowed.

Main drawing of the detailed plan
Explanatory statement regarding the detailed plan

*The pictures are illustrative and may differ from the actual living spaces that are to be constructed